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What Parents Need to Know About Car Insurance for New Drivers

When you’re adding a new driver to your policy, you likely already have enough on your mind and insurance can be a lot to navigate as is. So, we’re diving into the important things you need to know when your newest driver gets behind the wheel.


Tell your insurance agent or company when your teen enrolls in driver’s training.

You don’t have to wait for your teen/new driver to have their license. In fact, it’s a better idea to tell your insurance agent or company when your new driver starts training. Oftentimes they can be added to your car insurance policy as non-drivers until their training is complete.


What if a student driver gets into an accident? 

This is why letting your agent/carrier know is so important! If your student driver got into a car accident, you would still follow the normal claims-reporting procedure.


Your auto insurance rate may change.

Yes, adding a new driver to your policy will likely change the premium you pay for your insurance. Young drivers tend to be seen as a higher risk. So, what you pay for your premium will likely increase. To what amount it increases will depend on your policy.


Cheaper insurance isn’t always better.

Knowing that your insurance premium may increase may make it seem like a good time to shop around for a different insurance company in favor of a cheaper policy. However, finding a cheaper policy may not equate to adequate coverage, and having adequate coverage is important if you’re adding an inexperienced driver to your policy.

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